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PayPal partner feePayPal partner fee

The Increasing PayPal Partner Fee | WizoPay

The Increasing PayPal Partner Fee

Sometimes it pays to be picky, which is why it’s crucial to weigh all your options before selecting a payment processor, especially PayPal. So if you’re considering a partnership with them, you should be aware of the increasing PayPal partner fee that comes with their services. Otherwise, if you’re not careful enough, you could be wasting your business an unnecessary sum of money.

Let’s explore the most common types of PayPal fees that you could potentially end up paying, so we can help you make better-informed decisions on which payment processor is suitable for your business. 

Payment Gateway Vs. Payment ProcessorPayment Gateway Vs. Payment Processor

Payment Gateway Vs. Payment Processor: What’s the Difference? | WizoPay

Payment Gateway Vs. Payment Processor: What’s the Difference?

If you’re a business owner or someone familiar with the payments industry, there’s a good chance you’ve probably heard of the terms payment gateway and payment processor. And while you’ve listened to people throw these terms around carelessly, have you ever wondered what the difference is between the two? Unfortunately, their definitions and meanings have so often been misunderstood and conflated together that it’s easy to mistake one expression for the other. This blog will help clear any confusion surrounding payment gateways, payment processors, and everything in between. We’ll explore both of these terms and see what option is right for you regarding the great debate of payment gateway vs. payment processor.

why is my square account deactivatedwhy is my square account deactivated

Why is My Square Account Deactivated? We've Got Answers.

WizoPay Tips: Why is My Square Account Deactivated?

For countless years, many merchants have put their trust in Square as their credit card payment processor. But, unfortunately, till now, those who work within high-risk industries haven’t been able to find what they need out of a payment processing partner. Too often, we hear stories about Square suddenly shutting down accounts, leaving almost every merchant asking themselves the same question: why is my Square account deactivated?

FFL Merchant AccountFFL Merchant Account

FFL Merchant Account Credit Card Processing | WizoPay

3 Steps to Get Your FFL Merchant Account Approved for Credit Card Processing

In the past few years, getting approved for credit card processing as an FFL merchant may have seemed impossible. Fast forward to today, and now, finding someone to support your FFL merchant account isn’t as challenging as it was before. So, how is it possible, you may ask—It’s simple; when you’re partnered with a suitable processor, you’ll find that the entire process becomes much more straightforward. Ditch your old ways of thinking and make the approval process easier on yourself. Here are three simple steps you can take to get your FFL merchant account approved.  

medical marijuana packaging suppliesmedical marijuana packaging supplies

You Need a High-Risk Payment Processor for Your Medical Marijuana Packaging Supplies Enterprise

4 Reasons Why You Should Partner with a High-Risk Payment Processor for Your Medical Marijuana Packaging Supplies Business

Over the past few years, more and more states have legalized the distribution of medical marijuana. The industry continues to grow rapidly, and many people are looking to gain an advantage in medical marijuana’s increasing popularity. So, for medical marijuana packaging supplies businesses, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to help service dispensaries, as we start to see many open up across the United States. 

gun-friendly credit card processorsgun-friendly credit card processors

Need Gun Friendly Credit Card Processors? WizoPay is Here to Help

Gun-Friendly Credit Card Processors for FFLs

As an FFL, you probably understand how confusing and frustrating it can be to find gun-friendly credit card processors. Running a business that is considered “high risk” isn’t a personal slight against your enterprise. It just means that you operate in an industry with the potential for a lot of chargebacks, fraud, and sales of age-restricted items. 

tobacco store postobacco store pos

4 Ways to Grow Your Business By Choosing the Right Tobacco Store POS

Why Choose a Tobacco Store POS?

Let’s face it: as a tobacco retailer, you know it isn’t always easy to operate your business in the tobacco industry. You’ve been through all the ups and downs, good times and bad, and yet, that doesn’t stop you from managing your shop the right way. So, while you’re considering what practices will best help your business grow, why not consider investing in a POS system? Specifically, a tobacco store POS.

square payments for cbdsquare payments for cbd

Everything You Need to Know about Square Payments for CBD

The Low-Down on Square Payments for CBD

If you’re selling CBD products online, you may have considered processing with Square payments for CBD. Square’s one-size-fits-all eCommerce solution is popular among small low-risk merchants, but its CBD solution is still a work in progress. As a result, Square CBD merchants may miss out on customized features and benefits from processors that specialize in the high-risk CBD industry.

Stripe CBD and RestrictionsStripe CBD and Restrictions

Stripe CBD and Restrictions

Stripe CBD: Too Good to be True? (Hint: Yes!)

Over the past decade, CBD has become wildly popular for its therapeutic properties. Whether it’s oil, lotion, or gummies — more and more companies are looking to cash in on the CBD craze. The tricky part? Finding a payment processing partner for this type of “high-risk” business can be difficult. Many CBD merchants have turned to Stripe CBD; however, partnering with Stripe comes with more restrictions than you can count. 


Square Chargeback Protection… Does it Really Protect High-Risk Merchants?

Myth: Square Offers Chargeback Protection for High-Risk Merchants

We all know that when you own a business, it’s essential to offer multiple payment options to accommodate your customers’ preferences. This means choosing a payment processing partner that offers versatile options for effortless payments. In the past few years, Square has become a game-changer for many small merchants, bringing more flexibility to payments, especially with mobile devices. So much so, that there is now Square chargeback protection. 


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