Generate More Money with WizoPay’s ISO Agent Program

With over 25 years of experience, WizoPay knows a thing or two about working with “high-risk” industries. Over the past decade, we’ve grown side-by-side with various businesses, and we’ve established ourselves with our ISO Agent Program. As a result, our agents know that they can rely on our excellent benefits, attractive financial potential, and online & brick and mortar establishments.

We help onboard more merchants by providing a quick approval process, capabilities to process transactions, and the ability to sell related solutions, like our free smoke shop POS system. Our specialty in high-risk credit card payment processing is the perfect solution for your merchants. From our smoke shop POS software and unparalleled revenue opportunities to exceptional support and training, we’ll give you everything you need to ensure your financial success. Discover all the ways how our ISO Agent Program can benefit you.

Benefits of Partnering with WizoPay

Here are some of the perks you can expect to take advantage of when you join our ISO Agent Program:

Tools to Keep You Successful

  • Cash Discount Program: Provide your customers with a great way to save money by offering cash discounts. Customers can virtually eliminate the cost of credit card processing fees, resulting in much higher average residuals for you!
  • Ability to Process High-Risk Transactions: Unlike other credit card processors, we specialize in helping “high-risk” merchant accounts protect their shops and access their funds.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We know it’s essential to manage your business relations and keep track of your customer’s information. You can show them where they can log in, provide customer support, and help with back-end work. It’s easy to manage your residuals and merchants when you can locate everything in one convenient place.
  • Additional Support: With seamless onboarding, a dedicated relationship manager, and a customer support team, you’ll have access to various resources whenever you need help. Plus, with the support of First Data & TSYS, these necessary integrations will help set your services apart from the other competitors.

Financial Incentives

  • Gain up to 85% of residual splits: Customize your residual program and select the best choices for you based on each deal you make.
  • Upfront bonuses: $1,000 upfront bonus per merchant - At WizoPay, we reward our agents for taking the initiative and not just settling for just average. So, why not earn some extra cash for all your hard work?
  • Qualify for a free Clover POS system: Since we’re not like other agent programs, only WizoPay can provide you and your customers the chance to receive a point of sale system. It shows our dedication to helping your business and that we believe in your future successes.

Ready to Sign Up?

Because of our skills and expertise, WizoPay knows what it takes to help you and your merchants. We understand the intricacies of your merchants’ industries, and it’s our mission to make sure that both you and your customers are treated with the highest level of quality.

Sign up for our ISO Agent Program today, and see why WizoPay is the best option for you and your merchants.


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