High Volume Payment Processing

What is High Volume Payment Processing?

High sales with lots of transactions can be a dream for most business owners, but if a merchant has high sales volume but is relying heavily on credit card transactions they may need consider the challenges that come with that high number of transactions. The more credit card transactions that occur, the more chances a merchant will need to deal with higher numbers of fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, or cases of friendly fraud.

In this case, the merchant may need to look for a high volume credit card processing partner to handle their merchant account. Without a high volume payment processing merchant account, the business may find themselves dealing with account transfer limits, account freezes or holds, data security liabilities, and/or irregular payment schedules.

Businesses that are processing over xx transactions or $xxx,xxx would certainly fit the bill of a high volume business that may require high volume transaction processing. Merchants that regularly run hundreds of single transactions or micro-payments per day require a secure, trusted high volume credit card processor that can handle their regular business. With 25 years experience in the industry, we’re certainly capable of handling these accounts

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Are High Volume Businesses Considered High-risk?

There are several reasons why High Volume businesses are considered high-risk for most payment processors, which are:

  • The number of daily transactions are often far higher than the average merchant. If you’re processing hundreds or even thousands of transactions daily, you might be qualified as a high volume business.
  • The number of chargebacks or refunds can be high simple because the number of daily transactions are so much higher than most other businesses.
  • Fraudulent claims can be higher than average because charges are often made without the card or cardholder being present, depending on the business or industry.
high volume payment processing
high volume payment processing

What Features to Consider When Searching for a High Volume Credit Card Processing Partner

There are a number of factors to become a high volume business that are going to matter to your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. A few of the more significant features you’ll need as a high volume business are:

  • Increased Security: The need for high level security is paramount with high volume businesses due to the amount of fraud and chargebacks, as they need to be avoided at all costs to maintain profitability.
  • No Account Terminations: Some processors may terminate your account due to frequent fraud or chargebacks. You need to find a partner that guarantees no terminations.
  • More Freedom and Flexibility: Try to avoid working with a processor that locks you into a long-term contract or that sticks you with hefty fees.
  • Limited or No account holds/freezes: Similar to terminations, you need a processor that won’t limit, hold, or freeze your money on their platform.
  • Advanced Chargeback Management Tools: Perhaps most important, you need advanced online chargeback tools to track, report, and handle your chargebacks throughout the process.

About WizoPay SaaS Payment Processing Solutions

As a high volume business, you need to work with a partner that helps you deal with your payment processing so that you can worry about operations and sales. WizoPay has spend 25 years working with high volume merchants, regardless of their industry. Whether you’re a brand-new business that’s experiencing growth or an existing business, our team of merchant account experts are here to help. We’ve got the industry experience, chargeback and fraud prevention tools, and dedicated account representatives you need from a processor.

We’re ready to help you on a one-by-one basis whenever you need with our 100% U.S. based customer support team. Interested in discussing options on setting up a merchant account, what type of card readers work best for your industry, or how you can set up your online credit card processing merchant account today? Learn more by contacting a WizoPay subscription merchant account representative today.

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