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We specialize in high risk accounts.

Nearly all processing companies and banks feel it necessary to stick “high risk” merchants with excessively high transaction fees along with undue monthly fees and other unreasonable costs. And that leaves you as the business owner feeling trapped into paying high fees and unsure if your processor is going to cancel your business sales. Not to mention all the hidden fees and the end of each month!

Don’t let traditional banks and other processing companies back you into a corner. Wizo Pay is the payment processing solution that you need.

Wizo Pay has the right solutions and lowest rate plans because we specialize in high risk merchant account. We have worked with thousands of high risk or hard to place merchants find the perfect type of processing solution that fits their specific companies needs.

Because of our expertise and ongoing business relationships with numerous banks we have access to alternative payment solutions that allow our clients to get the lowest pricing plans in the industry.

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We offer the most competitive pricing and the highest rate of approved high risk merchant accounts. Let us get your payment solution up to speed with the lowest rates, flexible plans and service for your business. We offer a free consultation to review your current processing statement and offer you a side-by-side comparison of what we can offer.


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