Having Square Chargeback Protection Issues? We Can Help!

Square’s Holding Funds… Why?

The number of disputed transactions and chargebacks has spiked in the last year or so. Because of this, Square has decided to hold funds to protect against high-risk transactions. Essentially, Square chargeback protection really doesn't cut it for these industries. Here’s a list of targeted merchants:

  • CBD Firearms
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Vape/E-cigarettes
  • Cigar/Tabacco
  • And more

With WizoPay, you'll never have to wonder if we've got you covered because we do. 

square chargeback protection
square chargeback protection

Where Square Chargeback Protection Comes Up Short

Avoid all of the headaches and frustration that's associated with Square chargeback protection! Here’s where Square falls short:

  • Square’s loss coverage maxes out at $250 per month
  • Their protection only applies to “eligible” products which won’t cover most high-risk merchant products and services
  • Merchants have to comply with Square’s best practices in order to qualify for reimbursement

It’s Your Money and You Need it Now!

We understand the frustration that can come with Square unnecessarily holding funds on your transactions. When you partner your business with WizoPay, our goal is to get you your money and provide you with the proper protection needed. This means limited to no holds. With WizoPay, you can rest easy knowing we've got your back. 

With WizoPay, you’ll get:

  • Online fraud and chargeback protection
  • Unlimited processing with limited or no hold options
  • Quick approval for all merchant accounts
  • Low rates
  • No hidden fees and transparent pricing
  • In-house technical support
square chargeback protection

Looking For A New Payment
Processing Partner?

WizoPay believes that your business shouldn’t be penalized for being considered high-risk. Your business needs to be armed with a solution that provides real chargeback protection, limited or no hold options, and support.

It's time to say goodbye to Square chargeback protection and hello to WizoPay. Our team of experts are standing by ready to help!


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