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When building a business based on a subscription or recurring payment model, it’s essential to your company’s growth and sustained success to work with a subscription merchant account provider specializing in subscription payment processing. Due to the frequency of chargebacks, often related to buyer’s remorse or unclear terms and conditions, many leading payment processors such as banks, Stripe, Square, and PayPal will not accept your business. Our subscription and recurring billing services are ideal for software companies, subscription-based businesses, and non-profit organizations asking for planned periodic donations.

Why is a Subscription Merchant Account Considered a High-Risk Business?

  • Higher than average number of chargebacks often due to unclear terms of conditions or buyer’s remorse
  • Negative Opt-outs occur when customers think they are signing up for a one-time payment. Still, they agree to recurring payments until they actively cancel or negatively “opt-out” from being charged.
  • The customer is offered deferred billing or a free product if they pay for shipping, which leads to an unexpected future bill.
  • Terms and Conditions are often buried in small print, hidden in an extended agreement, or are hard to locate on a website.

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What to Consider When Selecting a Subscription Merchant Account Partner

Look to partner with a merchant services provider that is well-versed in the intricacies of the subscription and recurring payment industry. You’ll want to work with a team that can address the challenges and concerns you face as a merchant as policies and regulations continually change in the industry. The team you work with should offer the ability to prorate a subscription for different periods depending on when a user signs up or cancels a subscription, while also giving you regular status updates on subscription expirations, cancellations, and new subscriptions. Your provider needs to consistently deliver solutions to combat chargebacks or fraud and allow you to scale processed revenue without restrictions as your business grows. Most importantly, you need a business partner that will work with you on a day-to-day basis to help you limit your chargebacks, offer you the lowest rates in the industry, and allow you to profit and scale at a rate that’s unparalleled in the subscription and recurring payment industry.

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WizoPay Can Get You A Subscription Merchant Account

With our personalized approach to managing our subscription merchant accounts, WizoPay has the experience to help high-risk merchants work through the common problems that come with a recurring billing business model. We specialize in setting up no-hold or limited-hold merchant accounts while also offering greater leniency on chargebacks. This approach, in addition to our online chargeback dispute tool, helps our customers become more profitable while also giving them the ability to scale their business faster without worrying about hitting their high-risk merchant “ceiling.” There are many reasons companies utilize our services to open a subscription merchant account, but here are just a few:

  • Chargeback protection leniency
  • Online chargeback dispute tool
  • Faster approval turnaround time for merchants, including preliminary same-day approval and final approval in a matter of days
  • The lowest rates in the industry - we’ll match any competitor rate.
  • No cancellation fees or penalties
  • Dedicated customer representative for every merchant account

Since recurring continuity payments require credit card payments rather than check or cash for a reliable and seamless experience, we work with companies on integrating card processing systems that work directly with their existing billing system. Our concierge services can show you how to understand your monthly processing statement and find ways to lower your chargebacks, which are some of the many benefits we offer our Subscription & Recurring Payment Merchant Accounts. At WizoPay, we prefer to work with you every single day to earn your business; that’s why we offer each merchant a dedicated customer service rep in addition to our extremely competitive rates and limited contracts.

Subscription and Continuity Business Models We Work With:

At WizoPay, we work with a variety of recurring business models, including but not limited to:

  • Software as a Service (SAAS)

  • Monthly Subscription Boxes

  • Recurring Product Retailers

  • Airline & Travel Clubs

  • Kids Toys

  • Personal Styling

  • Supplements

  • Men’s & Women’s Health and Wellness Products

  • Education & Professional Development

  • In-Home Fitness

  • Home Maintenance

  • Accessibility Subscriptions & Streaming Services

  • Online Gaming

The possibilities are nearly endless in the continuity industry because of the ability to monetize almost anything with a recurring business model. And because of the popularity of subscription-style processing, merchants often seek out businesses with this pay structure. A subscription model is easy to budget for, provides a predictable and scalable revenue stream, and gives customers a diverse array of options. Getting the payment processing in order is a small but massively important component to a business in this industry; don’t settle for less in this part of the process.

About WizoPay Subscription and Recurring Payment processing solutions

Whether your business is online, in-person brick-and-mortar, or focused on mobile sales through devices, we’ve got you covered with a subscription and recurring payment processing solution that will fit your needs. Our accounts are accessible, flexible, and have no long-term commitment. With over 25 years of experience in the subscription and recurring billing industry, WizoPay has reliable and affordable credit card processing for your business.

We’re ready to help you on a one-by-one basis whenever you need with our 100% U.S. based customer support team. Interested in discussing options on setting up a merchant account, what type of card readers work best for your industry, or how you can set up your online credit card processing merchant account today? Learn more by contacting a WizoPay subscription merchant account representative today.

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