Why is My Square Account Deactivated? We've Got Answers.

July 06, 2021
why is my square account deactivated

WizoPay Tips: Why is My Square Account Deactivated?

For countless years, many merchants have put their trust in Square as their credit card payment processor. But, unfortunately, till now, those who work within high-risk industries haven’t been able to find what they need out of a payment processing partner. Too often, we hear stories about Square suddenly shutting down accounts, leaving almost every merchant asking themselves the same question: why is my Square account deactivated?

Luckily for you, WizoPay has the answers to all your questions. We’ll share some tips on why Square could have deactivated your account and how you can move forward so this doesn’t happen again.

Why Square Deactivates Accounts

If you’ve received an email from Square recently that states something along these lines, “We’ve noticed a pattern of high-risk activity on your account, and we believe it goes against our guidelines,” don’t feel bad: you’re not the only one. 

They send general emails like the example above to every merchant that they consider to be highly suspicious. Square reasons that they can decide who, what, and when they want to deactivate an account on the belief that it violates their general and payment terms. 

Again, all of this reasoning is subjective and left up to Square, while merchants, especially high-risk merchants, have little to no say in the situation.

Merchant Reports of Square

Before you decide to sign up with Square, we hope you consider doing two things:

  1. Read through this whole blog.
  2. Check out what other merchants in your industry have to say about their experience partnering with Square.

Presently, here’s what some merchants have reported:

  1. When Square deactivates your account, they only let you know through email. They say it’s because you’ve violated their terms of service, but the issue with that claim is that they knew what kind of business you have beforehand. 
  2. Square can suspend and hold payouts in a reserve account for upwards of 30-90 days. So, if your business doesn’t have additional funds, you might be forced between a rock and a hard place. 
  3. There’s a lack of customer support when you request an explanation or try to propose a solution. Most merchants never even hear back or have a representative answer, “Why is my Square account deactivated?” 

Better Options Are Out There 

Despite Square’s difficulties, the good news is that you don’t have to stay with them. Now, merchant accounts can work specifically for high-risk industries, such as tobacco, CBD, firearms, and much more. How do we know this? Well, it’s because high-risk businesses are at the core of our company!

At WizoPay, you’ll never have to worry about us terminating your merchant account unexpectedly. We’re intimately familiar with all the challenges you face in your industry, so we create personalized accounts to meet your unique needs. Also, we believe in having transparent relationships, which means you’ll have greater access to your funds and how to manage your cash flow. And of course, our dedicated staff will always provide you with support and assistance whenever you need it.

 Above all, it’s our mission to help you and other high-risk merchants maintain successful businesses, no matter what the future may hold. 

Your Next Step

Give us a call, an email, or shoot us a message to see how we can help ease the pain and frustration associated with Square. Then, you’ll never have to ask yourself, “Why is my Square account deactivated?” ever again! 

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