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Third-party Shopify Payment Processing for high-risk accounts

Get a Reliable Shopify Payment Processing Merchant Solution

Due to a frequency of issues related to Shopify shutting down payment accounts for high-risk companies, Shopify’s base model payment processor has proven itself to be unreliable, freezing accounts, holding funds, or shutting down eCommerce pages entirely because of chargebacks and fraud. If your business has experienced these issues, you’re not alone, and this isn’t the end of the line for your business. Wizopay is here to help.

Why is an eCommerce Business Considered High-Risk?

Avoid the headaches and tiptoeing that comes with using the native Shopify payment processor. Instead, partner with a third-party processor that’s familiar with Shopify, knows how to handle high-volume transactions and frequent chargebacks, and who will keep your business operating at all times. By using a third-party provider like WizoPay, you’ll gain our experience, security, and service as we’ve worked with high-risk merchants for years.

With WizoPay, You’ll Get:

  • Low rate processing
  • Industry-leading security and data protection
  • 1-to-1 customer support, with your own dedicated customer agent
  • A number of equipment and software options available to you
  • Chargeback protection and our online Chargeback tool

What to Consider When Selecting an eCommerce Payment Processing Partner

Stop settling for Shopify’s unreliable base model payment processing. It’s time to set up your account with a dedicated merchant provider that can set you up as a high-risk merchant. WizoPay has a range of specializations, giving you the processor you need while mitigating your risk of being dropped again. Interested in learning more? Our supportive team of experts are waiting for your call. Contact us today to get started.

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