Why is a Vape & E-Cigarette Business Considered A High-Risk Merchant Account?

All high-risk businesses are challenging in their own ways, but Vape and E-Cigarette merchant accounts present unique issues. Under U.S. federal law, Vape and E-Cigarette products must follow the same restrictions as standard tobacco products. However, state laws can be vague and open to interpretation by law enforcement agencies. More often than not, companies that offer financial and e-commerce services do not like uncertainty, and many choose not to work with merchants offering Vape and E-Cigarette products.

In addition to that, WizoPay has over a decade of experience working with Vape and E-Cigarette merchants on a day-to-day basis—we know the industry well and we’re excited to invite more Vape and E-Cigarette merchants into our portfolio.

  • Laws for Vape and E-Cigarette products vary from state to state
  • Businesses in the Vape and E-Cigarette industry often have high chargeback rates making them high risk
  • Many leading payment processing companies are reluctant to board merchant accounts in industries that are susceptible to high chargebacks
  • Other merchant account providers may not want to be associated with an industry that has a negative connotation
  • The federal government regulates the sale of these products
  • E-cig and other related products have an age-restriction
  • E-cigs and vape products are now considered a political issue

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Vape & E-Cigarette Payment Processing

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Merchant Accounts for Vape & E-Cigarette

Wizo Pay is the leader in hard-to-place and high-risk merchant accounts that specialize in vape and e-cigarette merchants. We make the process as easy as possible to get you up and running with a reliable credit card processor. If you are just starting your business or looking to easily switch providers - then look no further than our Vape & E-Cig Merchant Account.

What to Consider When Selecting a Vape & E-Cigarette Payment Processing Company

Ideally, businesses looking for Vape and E-Cigarette credit card processing will select a payment processing partner with extensive experience working with Vape and E-Cigarette merchant accounts. Payment processors in the industry will be adept at quickly setting up your business to accept credit card transactions. In addition, they will have an experienced team that knows how to deal with common Vape and E-Cigarette merchant account challenges and take a personalized approach to create custom payment solutions to help you combat fraud, improve cash flow and provide access to tools that help your business grow.

Getting Approved With WizoPay is Easy

We’ve grown with the Vape and E-Cigarette and understand the dismissive nature of many other payment processors, but because we see these companies and industries as legitimate we choose not to view them negatively from the outset. Instead, we choose to see your business for what it is, a legitimate, valuable, in-demand business with customers that need payment options.

We understand the need to keep your customers happy and coming back, and to do that you need to be able to accommodate several payment methods. By partnering with WizoPay as your merchant provider, you can get all your needs met in one place, and more. You can also expect:

  • Fast Approval for All Merchant Accounts
  • Low Rates, Free Equipment, & Integration Assistance
  • Online Fraud and Chargeback Prevention Program
  • Unlimited Processing with Limited or No Hold Options
  • Next Day Funding Available
  • No Hidden Fees and Transparent Pricing
  • In-house Technical Support
  • Flexible revenue options to help you scale
  • No cancellation or termination fees

About WizoPay CBD Credit Card Processing Solutions

From retail storefronts and e-commerce businesses to suppliers in the Vape and E-Cigarette industry, WizoPay offers Vape and E-Cigarette credit card processing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are setting up a new Vape and E-Cigarette merchant account or your Vape and E-Cigarette credit card processing has been terminated requiring you to start over, our team of Vape and E-Cigarette merchant account experts can help you tackle any challenge. We are adept at developing payment solutions designed to combat common Vape and E-Cigarette credit card processing issues like high chargeback rates, strict hold policies, and revenue growth restrictions. Discover how our personalized approach and industry expertise helps us develop payment solutions designed to tackle the most pressing Vape and E-Cigarette merchant account challenges.

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